Comelt was founded in 1995 to commercialize activated carbons for different applications, such as air and water purification or,  more generally, gas and liquid phase purification. Comelt has always been supportive to its customers, to collaboratively face and win all the new challenges of a constantly evolving market.

Through the years, company structure has evolved to better satisfy an increasingly complex and demanding market, which Comelt has always successfully dealt with, by developing new product-service combinations characterized by  high quality and safety standards.

This approach allows us to constantly provide our customers with cutting-edge technical and professional solutions, on an equal competitive level, and to qualify ourselves as specialized partners able to build successful and long lasting commercial synergies  with customers themselves.

Our Product Quality, ensured and enhanced by the implementation of ISO 9001 Quality System, together with high reliability and consolidated technical know-how, allows us to always structure and propose optimal solutions.

Adhesion to REACH and attention to Environment, Safety and Social Ethics, combined with careful formation of human resources, are distinctive features of Comelt’s activity.

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