CARBOSORB NC 612 Water Treatment


CARBOSORB NC 612 is a high quality granular activated carbon produced by physical activation (steam and heat) of coconut carbonised shells.

It’s particularly effective to remove the organic contaminants such as pesticides, chlorinated and aromatic solvents, thrialomethane (THM) and to eliminate compound causing bad taste and odour  in the potable water.

CARBOSORB NC 612 is suitable for different applications such as purification of water for human consumption, the depuration process water and condensates.

This product is besides used in purification and decolourisation process of chemicals intermediates and food.

CARBOSORB NC 612 fulfils the standard UNI ISO EN 12915 “Product used for treatment of water intended for human consumption – Granular Activated Carbon”.


When exhausted  CARBOSORB NC 612 can be reactivated.

The high mechanical resistant permit a low loss during hydraulic transfer and thermal reactivation in rotary kiln.

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