Our ANTHRACITE is an high quality product which has been washed, dried and carefully graded. This ANTHRACITE contains over 90% of pure carbon and a very low silica content which is a big advantage in the treatment of alkaline waters boiled feed purposes.

ANTHRACITE is an excellent medium for gravity and pressure filtration and is particularly when used together with sand in dual media applications. It is used for removal of algae, turbidity and bacteria in the treatment of potable water, swimming pool water, process water, effluent and acid/alkali liquids.

The hardness of our ANTHRACITE ensure a minimum wastage by attrition in service and the irregular particles shape provides a large surface area per volume, high void space for deposit and tortuous flow path.

The low Bulk Density coupled with the angular shape of the particles, prevents the formation of a densely packed bed. Thus, the whole bed function as a filter and not merely the top part.


Our ANTHRACITE is compliant to UNI EN ISO 12909  – “Products used for treatment of water intended for human consumption: ANTHRACITE”

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