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HONEYCOMBS are effectively used in several industrial applications such as air treatment, but also metallurgy, petroleum refinement, electric energy etc. , displaying remarkable properties in terms of versatilty and expansion potential.

Specifically, Comelt treats:


CARBOSORB HONEYCOMBS are made up with ceramically reinforced activated carbon and can be produced both in square and cilindric shape, being therefore suitable for many requirements of assembly and geometric combination. According to the desired application, it is possible to select the most suitable activated carbon grade, ranging from microporous to macroporous, from mineral to vegetalCARBOSORB HONEYCOMBS can also be properly impregnated for treating specific pollutants.

Among the most common applications of this product:

    • Dioxines removal according to european laws currently  in force
    • Mercury removal
    • Contaminated particulate matter treatment
    • Odour removal
    • Ozone removal


present  high surface area and resistance to Thermal shocks, low density and pressure drops, being therefore recommended as catalyst support.

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