Services and Technologies

1 ) Continuously guarantee the supply of the most suitable products for different applications, with controlled quality and operational stocks always available for customers. Comelt owns more than 4ooo m2 warehouses ( located in Cernusco S/N, Cairo Montenotte and Casirate d’Adda) and advanced logistics, all contributing to the efficiency of the product distribution.

2) Offer a wide range of qualified and professional services, integrate the product catalogue and enable us to be a global reference partner for our customers. Comelt owns an Activated Carbon Washing Plant, which allows to get to highest levels of purity for specific applications ( ex. chemicals and pharma). Due to an Impregnation Unit for activated carbons and alumina, Comelt also develops and produces special products (homologated and patented) for chemiadsorption of inorganic and toxic compounds. Comelt also owns a Reactivation Plant for granular activated carbons, realized with cutting-edge technologies and set to restore the original functionality of exhausted activated carbons.

3) Make better logistics with reference to recovery and transportation of exhausted activated carbons. To this very purpose, Comelt has instituted a Temporary Stock Center for Waste, through the Thermal Reactivation Service. Available for customers is also a mobile pilot plant for testing any feasible technical solution in depuration with activated carbons and alumina. The plant can quickly set applicative tests, participating directly in customers’ productions, to achieve shortly those results that lead to the final sizing and realization of plants on industrial scale. Comelt realizes, sells and leases Mobile Units of Treatment (AIRPUR). It is eventually able to offer several tailor-made solutions, supported by patents and original Technologies.

4) Efficiently dealing with the customer in order to jointly achieve the optimal solution, through a “problem-solving” approach implemented by top-level technical and commercial solutions. For more than 20 years, Technical and Commercial Structure of Comelt has been supporting customers in finding and selecting the most suitable product or service for their application. Comelt can also rely on solid partnerships with prestigious producers, which ensure further technical know-how. Comelt provides continuous technical assistance and an after sales service to customers in the long run. We also offers turnkey solutions in supplying our products and services, with our own teams of highly qualified technicians that support customers in every applicative phase on their plants.

5) Link working with passion and investments to boost innovation, both in our applicative technologies and in our production and service structures. Comelt owns a laboratory, committed to the research of new solutions and to develop new processes relying on a team of qualified personnel. Comelt is undoubtedly aware that continuous and consistent improvement of the above-mentioned processes is the key of success. This belief enabled Comelt to gain an excellent reputation and a remarkable market share in few years. Collaboration with partners and customers drives us to continuous research for new products and services, combining experience and innovation

6) Treat every question with the highest flexibility to offer the customer a tailor made product for his problem. Comelt Production Units allow grinding, sieving, impregnation with chemicals, humidification and repackaging ( paper bags, big bags, water soluble bags, bulk in tank cars)

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